Grapes: Catarratto, Grillo and Inzolia

Area of production: west Sicily, in the area provided by the sicilian disciplinary
for the production of the Marsalawines, Law 851 dated 28/11/1984

Ground: sicilian red lands

Vintage time: half/end of September

Pressing: soft pressing

Fermentation and preparation: slow fermentation with controlled temperature.
Once acquired the ideal sugar content, we add wine alcohol in order to stop the fermentation and obtain the alcoholic content of 18%

Aging: over two years in oak cask

Alcohol: 18% vol

Sugar: 3%

Color: clear amber

Taste: dry

Perfume: intense

Serving temperature: room temperature
or slightly chilled

How to use: excellent dessert wine to be enjoyed with sicilian pastries


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ambra superiore

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