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Corporate policy
We support responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Health, Safety and Environmental Management is an integral and essential part of the way we do our business and is considered an equal part of the wider system for the management of our business. Our mission is:

48-web-icons-red  to strengthen the relationship with customers by fortifying the corporate image thanks to a more punctual service and to a more responding quality of the wine;

48-web-icons-red to comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements concerning with the wine production and fulfill the food safety requirements mutually agreed upon with the customers;

48-web-icons-red to ensure and provide information about the food safety chain;

48-web-icons-red to establish the best possible working conditions as regards to the safety and health of workers;

48-web-icons-red to prevent the pollution of water, air and soil;

48-web-icons-red to provide the highest standard level regarding the wine production;

48-web-icons-red to acquire new customers with targeted marketing actions;

48-web-icons-red to devote our efforts in researching and developing high quality wines in order to gain more loyal customers;

48-web-icons-red to minimize the consumption of energy ,water, raw materials and rationalize the production of waste, promoting the recycling where possible;

48-web-icons-red to best preserve the environment where the Company is located;

48-web-icons-red to raise awareness of the importance of the quality and customer satisfaction;

48-web-icons-red to try to get a more effective and efficient organization with regular training sessions.

Our management underlines what follows:

Our goal is to protect our people, the public, our property and the environment in which they work and live. It is a commitment that is in the best interests of our customers, our employees. It is possible to run all operations without injuries or damage to equipment or the environment:

48-web-icons-red we will comply with all applicable laws and relevant industry standards of practice;

48-web-icons-red we will continuously evaluate the Health, Safety and Environmental aspects of our equipment and services;

48-web-icons-red we believe that effective HSE management is good business and we are committed to the continuous improvement of HSE management practices;

48-web-icons-red from top management through to entry level, everyone is responsible and accountable for HSE;

48-web-icons-red we are committed to the integration of HSE objectives into our management systems at all levels. This will enhance our business success by reducing risk and adding value to our services;

48-web-icons-red at Lombardo Winery the quality of the environment is considered just as important as the soil, climate and grape variety. This is why Lombardo has opted for photovoltaic technology. Thanks to this alternative energy resource it saves a great quantity of CO2 emissions every year.