Santa Messa Red Liqueur Wine


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  • Grapes: Nero d’Avola and Frappato
  • Area of production: west Sicily
  • Ground: sicilian red lands
  • Vintage time: half of september
  • Pressing: soft pressing
  • Fermentation and preparation: slow fermentation in red. Once acquired the ideal sugar content, we add wine alcohol in order to stop the fermentation and obtain the alcoholic content of 16% vol.


  • Alcohol: 16% vol.
  • Sugar: >10%


  • Color: brilliant red
  • Perfume: intense
  • Taste: sweet

Serving temperature: room temperature

How to use: this wine is produced in accordance with the law dispositions and the control of the Episcopal Curia. The genuineness of this wine is guaranteed by the certificate of the Bishop that enables its use for the celebration of the Holy Mass

Packaging: 100 cl bottle

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